Electric Vibrators

Entecon is the exclusive UK and Irish Republic distributor for the German manufactured Würges range of rotary electric vibration motors. These units are currently successfully being used worldwide in many industries. Precision engineering integrated with robust construction and reliability makes Würges vibration motors ideal for applications and requirements such as:

  • Vibrated product flow assistance
  • Hopper evacuation
  • Foundry moldings
  • Explosion proof motors for certain ATEX zoned areas

Design Features

All the motors are produced at Würges’ headquarters in Neusaess, close to the Bavarian city of Augsburg, and "Made in Germany" is an important part of the company philosophy. The reason is simple: While electric vibrators must be robust enough to withstand all kinds of mechanical stress, they are also sensitive machines. Their construction requires the highest levels of skill and know-how.


The ‘unbalance’ is the heart of the motors. The unbalance is a rotating body whose mass is unequally distributed in its rotational symmetry, and so cause a vibration as it turns. This vibration can be modified precisely by the use of weights and counterweights, according to the task at hand.

See www.wuerges.de

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