Automatic Sack Openers

High Safe, Enclosed and Efficient bag emptying station for loading mixers and other processing equipment by up to 600 sacks per hour!

Design Features

  • Dust free and hygienic operation by enclosed sack opener
  • 100% compliance with C.O.S.H.H. requirements
  • Maximum sack size 1200mm long, 750mm wide and 250mm deep
  • Minimum sack weight 10kg
  • Minimum paper fragment contamination by horizontal operation
  • High emptying rate by lifting the opened bags to pinch rollers
  • The outlet of the product collection hopper can be provided with vibratory motors to gravity outlet or different type of onwards conveying systems
  • Dust can be extracted by dust extraction unit on top of unit. The filter automatically cleans by returning the product into the bag opener
  • Manual or automatic powder additive system can be provided
  • Food grade design


  • Integrated or separated dust extraction system
  • Infeed belt conveyor
  • Dosing outlet
  • ATEX Certification

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