Vacuum Sack Lifters

Safe and efficient sack lifters for ergonomic and economic working conditions. Vacuum sack lifter makes lifting simpler and safer with higher efficiency and reliability. Measures to relieve the physical burden - and therefore protect your workers are incestments which make ergonomic sense and, in medical terms, are often simply necessary.

Design Features

  • Safe and reliable operation by robust construction and safety frame
  • Low loss of vacuum energy thanks to high fitting accuracy
  • Frequency-regulated vacuum pumps with overload protection and selection of the required drive output according to specific product
  • Solid steel block design
  • Integrated vacuum reserve
  • Ergonomic single-hand control
  • Load handling attachment with safety factor of 2.5
  • Long service life by proven technology, high manufacturing quality and durable materials
  • Maintenance friendly by simple modular design


  • Different Load Capacity levels (max 30Kg till max 125 Kg)
  • Standard lifting height 1700mm. Available till 2800mm
  • Different types of suction pads available for different sack types
  • Stainless steel suction pads
  • Solution tailored to meet individual user needs

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