Sack Tip Stations

Highly Safe and Hygienic Sack tip station for efficient and comfortable bag dumping!

Design Features

  • Material dust cloud is kept away from the operator by the cabinet canopy design
  • Dust is extracted further away from the operator by automatic reverse jet filter
  • 100% compliance with C.O.S.H.H. requirements
  • Sack rest shelf hinged for efficient sacks cutting with minimal dust release
  • Double hinged vertical folding door with gas struts
  • Different hopper designs to suit the application and the onwards conveying system
  • Heavy duty safety grid in hopper
  • Food grade design
  • Low maintenance design

Safety Grid


  • Dust extraction spigot or integrated extraction system with centrifugal fan, cartridge filter, rotating wing filtration cleaning system, acoustic silencers, electrical control box, all fully wired for manual automatic pulsed cleaning
  • Aperture 750mm, 1000mm, 1100mm or 1300mm
  • Vibrating lump breaker grid
  • Gravity outlet or connection to gravity, aero mechanical conveyor, screw conveyor or pneumatic conveyor
  • Outlet dosing system
  • Waste sack chute for transfer of used sacks into waste liner
  • Feeders
  • ATEX or UKEX Certification (depending on the market)

Vibrating lump breaker grid

Hinged sack rest shelf

Conveyor outlets

Waste sack compactor

Outlet dosing system

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