Flex Feeders

Universal Volumetric and Gravimetric feeders and discharge systems for virtually all bulk goods (powders, granules, flakes, fibres etc). Numerous applications in the plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical industries and many others.

The flexible polyurethane hopper has massage paddles to ensure accurate screw filling. Due to the unique construction, bridging and/or rat-holing of the product to be fed will be almost eliminated.

Materials with a high bulk density and bad flowabilities are especially liable to sticking,bridging, rat-holing or compacting. Using an Entecon Flex Feeder can prevent this happening. An accuracy of 0.5 to 1.5% for most dry materials is a matter of course. This accuracy is measured by taking 100 samples of 60 seconds each. At continuous dosing the feeder will reach a higher level of accuracy. The robust construction results in a smooth dosing free of any vibration.

Design Features

  • The Entecon Flex Feeder contains a moulded polyurethane hopper, moulded as one piece, which means no seams or welds
  • The hopper is “massaged” from the outside by two paddles. Due to an asynchronous swinging movement of the paddles the hopper has four-way movement
  • This massaging of the hopper from the outside results in a continuous movement of the product to be fed which prevents bridging or rat-holing
  • Thus a constant flow to the feeding screw is secured
  • Massaging from the outside prevents damage of the product to be fed
  • When using a single drive, the massage speed is proportional to the feeding speed
  • When using a double drive, the massage speed and the feeding speed can be controlled independently
  • All contact parts are made of polyurethane or stainless steel
  • The feeding nozzle and screw can be supplied in variable lengths to enable easy coupling or connecting to other equipment
  • The Entecon Flex Feeder can be controlled manually or electronically
  • Depending on the application, several drives and other options are available
  • Simple and handy locks on the lid make an Entecon Flex Feeder easy to open
  • The interchangeability of the hoppers is simple. It is not necessary to clean the hopper and risk contamination of the environment
  • By using a complete spare flexible hopper production time loss due to a product change can be dramatically reduced
  • The hopper sticks out of the feeder. While exchanging the hopper materials will not fail into the housing
  • The buffer capacity of the product being fed can be increased by using an extension hopper
  • The feeding screws are available in stainless steel or synthetics


  • Frequency invertor 10 – 60 Hz
  • Free programmable I/O’s
  • Programmable timers with programmable functions
  • External signal 0/4 – 20 mA of 0 – 20 VDC
  • Secured closure of mechanically driven parts
  • Separate drive for the paddles (2nd motor)
  • Speed control with tacho
  • Motors and execution in ATEX or UKEX (depending on the market)
  • Complete controls to customer specific requirements
  • Extension hoppers
  • Loss-in -weight control system

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