Aero Mechanical Conveyors

The Entecon Aero Mechanical Conveyors are aero mechanical conveyors, also known as rope and disc conveyors. There is a major difference between a mechanical conveying system and the Entecon AMC conveyors.

The high speed running of the rope and disc assembly creates an airflow which transports the product with no external air supply. Conveying takes place in tubular system which is sealed and completely dust free and provides fast and gentle handling for nearly all dry materials.

This innovative idea has proven over the years that Entecon Aero Mechanical Conveyors are one of the best energy efficient powder handling solutions.


  • Minimal product degradation
  • Very low residue
  • No separation of blended product
  • Fully dust tight
  • High capacity
  • Any angle operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Unlimited configurations
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise (75db)
  • Optimum conveying of cohesive powders


  • The rope and disc assembly in an aero mechanical conveyor creates a pocket of air to fluidise and transport the product gently at high speed with minimal product separation, high throughput and complete transfer.
  • The rope assembly travels over bespoke sprocket rims, driven by a 2.2kW motor which can be at either end to suit the design.
  • No excess air is expelled, only the receiving vessel requires venting.
  • Aero mechanical conveyors can operate at up to 30m³/hr, dependent on product characteristics. We can advise on and test individual products.
  • Conveying lengths at any angle up to 15m.


Design Options

  • Stainless steel fabricated - high quality design for food, agriculture & aggressive products
  • Cast aluminium – more economical
  • Configurations to suit all plants and requirements, combined vertical and horizontal and series conveyors (inlet to outlet) to increase conveyed length or to change direction
  • Mobile conveyors for tank loaders
  • Multiple inlets and outlets
  • Rotovalve in-line dischargers for mid-tube outlets – no product residue
  • Distribution conveyor with multiple selectable outlets
  • Rotopurge bespoke air cleaning system to avoid product contamination
  • Wet cleaning system for stainless steel machines including CIP
  • ATEX or UKEX compliance (depending on the market)

  • Stainless steel fabricated
    • High quality design for food, agriculture and aggressive products
  • Aluminium casted
    • Economical


  • Rotopurge air cleaning system
    • No Product Contamination
  • Rotovalves in-line dischargers for mid tube outlet
    • No Remaining Products
  • Hinged inlet or covers
    • Easy Access and Cleaning


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