Flexible Screw Conveyors

AgitatorsFlexible Spiral Conveyors with a tube diameter from 40 mm – 140 mm suitable for the characteristics of the material being transported. Load capacity from 120 kg/h-10,000 kg/h

Real load capacity also depends on the following factors:

  • Flexible Helix Conveyor rotation speed
  • Pick up inclination
  • Fluency of material
  • Type of pick up: suitably shaped hopper, silo, barrel, heap

The flexible screws, also known as flexible screw conveyors or just conveyors, are systems widely used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries for conveying; they provide equal efficacy for powders, granules, ground materials, and mixtures.

Flexible screw conveyor systems are capable of

  • Preventing demixing, during conveyance, of mixed and batched products
  • Homogenizing during transportation
  • Conveying several combinations
  • Preventing pollution because they are tightly sealed and mechanical
  • Quiet operation in the workplace
  • Being introduced into existing systems thanks to the flexible screw and to the flexible hose
  • Loading and unloading at any point of the line
  • Overcoming significant vertical drops and covering substantial distances

Design Features

  • Flexible pipe suitable for the conveyed material
  • Rotary spiral in carbon or stainless steel thermally treated in round, rectangular or squared sections depending on the applications
  • Spiral drive shaft supported by means of roller bearings inserted in the flanged body of connection with the electric motor: in this way the motor bearings are not effected by the stresses transmitted by the spiral
  • Easy removal of the drive and/or reduction gear thanks to the connection with no axial constraint between the driving shaft and the rotary spiral
  • Protections against product infiltration made up of static and dynamic seal rings: special protections are designed for particular applications
  • Three-phase 6-pole direct drive electric motor or 4-pole coupled to a speed reducer gearbox
  • Variation of the spiral rotation speed by means of gear motor and inverter or with an adjustable mechanical motor
  • Easy cleaning system through gates located at the pick up and unloading positions of the conveyor and possibility, when necessary, of reversing the direction of rotation of the spiral
  • On request, the system can be made of stainless steel and reliable operation by robust construction and safety frame

Construction Options

Diameter: 40, 55, 65, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 140mm
Capacity: 140 – 7500 ltr/hr
Different flexible spiral profiles




ATEX Directive 4/9/CE for Zone


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